Tibia has 32 million accounts and 650,000 active players

Let’s get back to the 25th birthday of Tibia for a moment.

Airsoft granted an anniversary intelligence of Massively’s service, from which we learned a few interesting facts about the number of players.

So, Tibia has 32 million registered users and about 650,000 active players. So far, 60 large updates were issued, and the total Tibia revenues exceeded EUR 200 million.

These are the results of the tibia among the largest and most popular Massively service in the world. Impressive, right?

So Far, Approximately 32 Million Players Have Created An Account and Tibia Has Generated A Revenue of Over 200 Million Euros. Last Year, Tibia Had Over 650,000 Active Players. There are Have Been Over 60 Major Content Updates So Far, Making The Game World Incredibly Large.

The creators of Tibia were also asked about the mystery of the success of his game. Why – in their opinion – such an inconspicuous game reached such popularity (mainly in Poland, Brazil and several other countries).

What did they answer?

In our opinion, the reasons for this success are a few. For example, Tibia offers players much greater freedom than other games. You have more opportunities to be creative, you can decide how you want to play and engage in the community.

Another reason is certainly that Tibia was one of the first games of this type that uses the Freemium or Free-to-Play model, and you could download it for free at a time when most similar games had to be bought as an expensive box in the store.

Another factor is that as a company we have always been careful, and we only financed from current revenues. Incidentally, we still do it to this day. We have never drawn loans, we have no investor or publisher. We did everything alone, and we have never released more than we had. Furthermore, we never risk the long-term Tibia success to achieve short-term profits. Other studies have taken a big risk and employed many employees. Then, when revenues do not grow according to expectations, companies become insolvent and must stop servicing their games.

And of course there is a community. In a game such as Tibia, in which it is so much about the interaction, the complex relationships between players develop over the years. Therefore, many log in every day to meet friends.

We would like to remind you that this year Tibia will receive sound luminaire, which will be a kind of revolution in the game.

In the following material (from 5:43) you can hear how Tibia with Sound is presented.

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