Tree of Savior will receive a new, divine RAID and archaology

Tree of Savior in spite of everything is still holding and also seems further updates with new products. It is true that the premiere dates below the activities described not specified, so it is ensured that they are closer than further release. So what is it worth waiting for?

Above all for the new RAID — Goddess RAID: Del more Battlefield. The theme of this challenge is the destruction of the whole world. As a standard, you will have to play in these good and stop this bad before this unknown deed. In the role of the latter, Beholder will perform, which will come to us, but before we reach him, you will also have to bother with other bothering. RAID will be available to perform solo or in the team.

In addition to this challenge, Tree of Savior also will also receive new systems related to Gathering and Crafting — the game will hit Archaeology and Arcane Brewing. The first profession will encourage us to dig in the ground to get special items. You will have to buy a special detector, and then search the stacks of the ground.

So many things found in Arcane Brewing. This profession will allow you to change wasteland in special items with effects or statistics. The entire action system has been described exactly here.

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