Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga would be debuting in April

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga He must have debuted last year, but his developers decided to delay it indefinitely so that the project could meet the expectations of the community. Apparently, the game will be arriving at our own hands this year, and now a reliable Data miner has revealed the possible exact day of its launch.

Aggiornamenti Lucia, an insider and data miner that has previously been very cornered with almost all the predictions of it, said having found the release date for The Skywalker Saga Hidden in the database of the Microsoft Store:

Interestingly, the date of April 5, 2022 coincides with the one we saw during the filtration of NVIDIA GeForce a few months ago, so this information could well be true at the end of the day. At the time of writing, its authors have not pronounced on this, but in case this is true, sure that the official announcement is imminent.

Editor’s note: The game has been delayed so many times that at this point I want to believe that it will meet the expectations of the fans. It is certainly a fairly ambitious project, and I hope that when eventually it is launch, the community is satisfied.

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