TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: Hoeneß clears about Hopp

Trainer Sebastian Honey wants to exclude no attack on the Champions League, despite the strong season with the TSG Cofferdam so far.

We need four despite the place, said the 39-year-old in the interview with the League Image : It would be a huge success if we are international next year, but Europe is not a matter of course for a club like the TSG, That must be clear to all.

It is a Mar, that Dietmar Hope is closed by millions as a shareholder year after year, said the coach on Cofferdam’s financial possibilities: For ten years, the club has been carried out above all by excellent junior work and return revenue itself.


Since this corona stress broke away, the TSG had been forced before the season, to bake smaller rolls and plan innovative, says Honey. Exactly in it is also a key to success: It was clearer than before the way to get young, hungry players. Together with the professionals, who have been here for years and bock on the club, a great mix has developed.

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