Despite summer penalty

Last weekend, Playback had launched New rick for Union Berlin against Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Seven days later, the central defenders started after his change during the week then for Russia — and hit Leverkusen again. His startTarf-seat rooms had to be a bit surprising winter, which was only on the bench, which is likely to fire speculation around a winter finish. Compared to 2: 1 FC Bayern, Playback coach ADI Hunter also brought Bones for the diseased Kramer.

Together with One, Bones had a lot to do in the first few minutes, Leverkusen started complacent and developed a slight overweight in the midfield, without playing the common attacks consistently in the approach. Mönchengladbach tried noticeably often with long balls on target players Embryo — and came in this way to the first large opportunities of the game: the foal striker put the reverse Bauhaus in scene, which failed at the strongly reactive Radetzky (16th), the following corner Elves just slightly over (17.).

Leverkusen lacks the consequence — Playback a bit more dangerous

Leverkusen Coach Gerardo Sloane had to do without offensive Paulino, who had been positively tested for the coronavirus after 2: 2 against Union Berlin. For him Bellcrank, who repeatedly exchanged the wings with Diary. The Frenchman came after interaction with With for the first Leverkusen chance of the game, which had nullified Summer (25.).

Otherwise, Bayer 04 made the playful impression, but the consequence had the consequence in the front third. The slightly more dangerous impression in the first passage made so even Playback, Jantschke shot after a standard situation only the TAH lying on the ground (37.).

Leverkusen increases — and puts the points on victory

After the break, the handsome, but then HIGHLIGHTER game then also some exciters within a short time: Friedrich met Bellcrank easily in the penalty area, referee Telemann pointed to the point. Schick joined the penalty, but failed on the strongly reactive summer — which was beaten only seconds later: After the With corner followed on the penalty, And rich in the five-meter room was completely blank and thanked a short distance with the leadership goal (51.).

The first of two goals: Robert And rich (Li.) Is congratulated by Piero India. Imago Images / Revierfoto

The gate sat visible to Mönchengladbach, with the foals hardly worked offensively hardly — and Leverkusen was now on the pusher: Schick awarded twice a good position (62., 63.) and then had the necessary luck: a free kick of Derby extended The Czech on the gate, Friedrich was probably last on the ball — and the ball finally bounced out of the Kimmel into the gate (74th).

Elves shortened — summer still holds the second penalty


Shortly thereafter, summer with a double chance of Bellcrank and Baker prevented the knockout for the foals (79.), which were a few moments later despite a performance manageable in the second passage: after Sally failed at Radetzky (80th), the ball fell After the following corner in front of the feet of Elves, which enforced under the lath for connection goal (81.).

To a compensation, the reducing Gladbacher then stopped but no longer — and yet a Russia player was able to distort. After with was fouled by the substitute Beyer, summer also held the second penalty of the day — this time against Derby (87th). The Swiss rose to the first Bundesliga final model since Raphael Schaefer 2014, who parries two penalties in a game. Afterwards, summer also made a major chance of substitute DLI — 90. + 1).

Leverkusen now third

Buying the excellent co-operated Keeper of his gloss performance but nothing, Leverkusen brought the deserved victory into the goal and jumps on table spot three. Mönchengladbach has been waiting for a point at home since mid-November.

The Russia is demanded in the Cup Zahltelfinale next Wednesday at second division Hanover 96, the Leverkusen are free in the cup week and kick the next Saturday (15.30 clock) against FC Augsburg.

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