Halo Infinite: New Lore supplies backgrounds to multiplayer

343 Industries can dive you with its extensive Lore deeper in the world of Halo Infinite. In the latest edition Article series Cannon Fodder, the developers also provide the history of other cards from the multiplayer of the game.

This time there is new Lore to the cards Fragmentation, Behemoth and Aquarius we have translated for you.


When the members of the 511. Infantry Division felt the first shocks under their feet, they did not even suspect how much this mission would distinguish from everyone else they had experienced so far. Annex 07 began to dissolve around her, and heaven and soil seemed to change at once. They belonged to the resistance fighters of the UNSC Infinity, and most of them just had luck that they were still alive after they were after their horrible escape from the huge human spaceship in an ambush of the banished. Now the survivors have begun to monitor their local fragment and try to contact us with other UNSC staff, which could be in communication range, while at the same time fight against Sentinel patrols and try the Banshee claws on ever more frequent exploration flights to avoid.



For millennia, arcane energies have been flowing through these cross linked seams, which seemingly unaffected by the course of time. Zeta Halo is at the same time Karl and full of life, even if some breaths are freer than others. These installations are equally majestic such as mysterious monuments, in which countless systems and protocols under the care of their cold-blooded curators have long been fulfilled. The masterful technique of precursors survives on this ring, relentless and intrepid, but their past is not without numerous tests and difficulties — and their future not.


Aquarius Terraforming Solutions is industry leading in the return of life in glazed colonies and the transformation of barely habitable worlds. Their largest and most profitable investments build new food plants, but other departments offer critical infrastructure and ecological management solutions for a variety of worlds, often under exceptional environmental conditions. Before awakening the guards and destruction of important LEG traffic routes and infrastructures, Aquarius was a main candidate for the Reach rebuilding project and was preferred to Liang-Dortmund Corporation, whose approach required territorial and resource-related concessions, which would have proven politically problematic.

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