The three keywords of this game industry with the new year are

The gaming industry has over 2020 iminnyeon (壬寅 年) New Year message highlighting the new business competitiveness and outer expansion, the global real leap.

4 days, according to the gaming industry, including the head of each game’s Notable, cacao Games, Crafts tone, Remade have said the New Year message.

Chairman bangjunhyeok Notable

First Notable bangjunhyeok Chairman said don’t Notable continued strong, healthy Notable in 2022 Simulink the last three days. Corona pandemic situation was in the last two-year period competitiveness lost to Notable, Notable stressed that a strong, healthy Notable be pursued until the settlement is completed.

In particular, he must lead the pursuing differentiated trends and innovations change the system, create a competitive game in which the user selects the global nature of the business ‘strong Notable’ to equip their competitiveness, said he said.

Chairman of the room was another called Healthy Notable ‘is the core to form a healthy organizational culture of mutual respect, to respond flexibly to elicit a sense of accomplishment and confidence of staff to strengthen the competitiveness of social demands and changes.

Finally, he expects got a line-up is being prepared this year has the diversity and differentiation reap big results led to the good response to the user, he said, 2022 will make the first year of Notable company is hop growing again.

Cacao Games jogyehyeon representative

Netmarble Games: A Case Study of Game Operation Enhancement with AI/ML (Cloud Next '18)
Cacao Games has announced a full-fledged season 2 launch. Jogyehyeon cacao Games representatives over the New Year message New Year, while solidifying the game business give fully prepared to upcoming new preparation and service that the game managed to achieve the cacao Games Season 2 Beyond Korea, and spurred the expansion of the Beyond Game plan to apply, he said.

Including ‘Umar daughter Pretty Derby was also counted as a highly anticipated would strengthen the line-up in a variety of genres such as new orders Gad dis, Ever Soul Project Ares, Discover Mater.

Representative Joe added, would like to expand the entertainment tax Odin to start a global service aimed at preparing the first half of the global globally, led by the Taiwan market.

Prior jogyehyeon representative season to direct the ‘Beyond Korea,’ ‘Beyond Games’ evaluations The future has successfully completed the Hello chain of the industry, leading to a channel, publishing, development was a core strategy since the foundation through the shareholder letter on November 2 changes to the full-scale stressed.

He said all the games in progress aiming at the global market, and ‘Sport’ to advance to the nature of play area of ​​the game that combines offline and online, ‘met averse’, it focused on three areas of ‘NFT’.

It crafts representative t gimchanghan

Crafts tone world that is infinitely connected entertainment moments experienced by global fans by carrying out continuous challenge is not based on creative and technology of its bay, expand and reinvent the result of unique creative based on the most powerful media of the ‘game’ I would have to make.

Gimchanghan Craftsman tons representative said, the game content with a global gaming company in 2022 there will be created in the meantime campaign based more tonsil more, again a unique creative and new challenges so that technology can germinate and grow in the fertile soil. To present a new perspective on the industry plans to embark aggressively to expand the breadth of vision and ideas, he said.

Following said, Craftsman tons under international game development studio, and together we’ve been introducing new genres of games that did not try to further develop the technology reaches the world level and to utilize leading to increase the value of the content plan, expand people Universe we will form a larger fan base and maintain its leading position in the India, Middle East market the new game, he said.

Remade representative janghyeonguk

Remade has completed the open gaming blockchain and it would become a place of the gaming reserve currency a truly mixed up.

Janghyeonguk Remade representatives in New Year message open gaming platform successful so far, Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store, Valve Steam, Facebook, Tencent WeChat is all, said overwhelming us who pioneered the combination of the game and block chaining (dominant) came the opportunity to build a gaming chain block, it said.

Understanding the particular the biggest success, its success indicating the substance of the data, the blockchains based on enabling success cryptocurrency that connects the gaming economy out (reserve currency and game coin), cryptocurrency price change dynamics in, etc. irreplaceable tokens (NFT) has become the ‘say no daejanchi’ cryptocurrency-based financial services Defy (Devi) we are in the frontier (pioneers), told him.

That the Chapter representatives as one-sided distribution and infinite countless non-payment transactions, the economy can continue to grow will be able to create a large market ever, said above mix will be the biggest platform. He said.

Janghyeonguk representative Life is a business and eventually the ‘long war’, he said, We wish you a year to feel pride in the large and small successes.

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