Webzen WMADID and `WOMES` business cooperation

[INTERNATIONAL) The MADRID (Representative Gang Hymn BUK) announced on the 29th that we have concluded the Convention on Wezen (Representative Kim TAE — Young) and Platform Women’s Platform Women’s Business Cooperation.

Wezen is a professional game company that has focused on game business for 20 years after establishment in 2000. PC Online Games’ Mu Online ‘,’ S.U.N. (Sun) and ‘R2’, and ‘C9’ are steadily displayed on the market.

Afterwards, I launched the MMORPG) market and launched the MMORPG series and ‘R2M’ leading the MMORPG market.

MADRID is scheduled to turn on 100 services on the next year’s wicker platform aimed at P & E (PLAY and EARN) paradigm spread. We are collaborating with all genres and services, and we are going to a wide range of wide winding to expand the Aims ecosystem.

The Convention is also for enhancing the Wimps platform lineup, and the Memoir is a policy that creates the foundations that companies can grow together in the W Missing platform.

Wezen Kim Jae-young, I decided to collaborate with the MAD as a positive view of the game business, which is linked to digital assets, he said, In the business of building and operating the game’s economic system, Wezen has a unique know-how. Based on technology and business, we will notify the partnership with the MADRID in many sectors, and they will expand its own blockchain based technology.

Gang Hymn Bureau Made said, We will quickly combine the blockchain on the famous IP (intellectual property rights of Wezen, We will lead the global success of the psychological, Wezen is a blockchain game developer, leading the market, I will be able to expand it more.

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