Gislason SC Magdeburg does not stop

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The title, the white Alfred Gílson exactly, will not be awarded at Christmas. Not even halftime is still in the Handball Bundesliga. And yet the decision for the national coach has already fallen. Do not want to exercise pressure, he did not think Gílson said the SID, that the SC Magdeburg is still taking that now.

The reason for his assumption can be easily illustrated in figures: 16 games, 16 victories. After the 34:26 on Thursday evening against HSV Hamburg — the highest home win of the season — the coach Bennet weighed, and his players celebrate Christmas than unbeaten leader.

On the second holiday in Flensburg

Much time for contemplation remains the Vegeburgers but not. Already on the second day of Christmas (2 pm), the game is waiting at the runner-up SG Flensburg-Handewitt and thus the conclusion of a memorable year, in which the SCM also crowned the Club World Champion. No easy task, this also makes Gílson no doubt.

But: It is already the last away game at one of formerly the last away game, said the Icelander, who had led the Magdeburg 2001 to the Hoc hang’s last championship title. Already at the record champion THE Kiel, with the Kuchens Berlin and also with the Rhein-Neckar Lower, the SCM in the pocket has passed all tests outstanding.

SCM with beautiful width in the squad

For Gílson (62) is the very nice width in the squad — and the trainer weighed. The Benny makes that very good, praised the national coach, the team games extremely stable her boot down in the attack as in the defense.

Throwback Thursday - Miracle of Magdeburg

Of these, 3400 spectators were able to convince themselves live in the Magdeburg Get Arena on Thursday. They celebrated extensively the pre-Christmas success, where the Dane Michael Damaged scored 1000th Bundesliga. We really wanted to say goodbye to our spectators, said weighed.

Wafer: Many works ahead of us

Whether they are allowed to return after the em-pause, the course of the pandemic decides. First, all viewers of major events are excluded in Saxony-Anhalt. For the game in Flensburg, the new restrictions do not yet apply. And the master shell is not forgotten despite Gílson’s forecast.

There is still so much work in front of us, a bit of match happiness that the squad stays healthy — it’s so much, said weighed with Sky. But he would certainly have nothing to obey against a crowning conclusion of the pocket and another sign to the backward competition.

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