Com2us Artist Company Management with Wishwick Studio

[INTERNATIONAL) Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) was announced on the 22nd, with its subsidiary, the Authority Company, with the subsidiary Wiwikusuuui (Representative Park Tong Woo, Park Inky), with the investment agreement to acquire the management rights of the Artist Company and Artist Studios. Artist Common is a management company established by actor Lee Jungle, Jung Woo-sung.

Com2us and the Warwick Studio invest in a total of W25bn and 80 billion won, respectively, and the Artist Studio and Artist Company (mentation), and a total of W15bn and W100bn, respectively.

Lee Jungle, and Jung Woo-sung, also participated in the main shareholders of Artist Holdings, and will try to increase corporate value through expansion of content values.

Artist Common is expanding business as a recent film and drama, and is expanding business as a field of video content production, and is also going to expand the global targets of global targets linked to the artist, such as entering the commerce field.

In addition, Artist Studios, the Netflix Original Drama ‘Surprise Sea, which comes on the 24th, and a film’ Hunt ‘, which is a leading actor, and a movie’ Hunt ‘, which appears as a starring actor with Jung Woo-sung.

Com2us subsidiary by this investment has created a variety of movies and drama, including affiliates in the field of video production, such as Elfin, Range, Merry Christmas, and Gold Frames.

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Com2us, along with the Warwick Studio, the artist studio, the artist’s top class actor lineup, and the development of video content and self-game development, etc. Plan. It also builds active partnerships for a variety of new businesses such as the arcades and blocks, including e-commerce and NFT (not replaced token).

Com2us officials plan to continue to promote strategic investments and acquisitions of strategic investments in the fields of related fields in order to increase competitiveness in the next generation global content and platform fields, said Com2us. I will build a met averse ecosystem.

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