RB Leipzig Brian Brobbey before lending to Ajax Amsterdam

Brian Brobbey - Andy's Cribs!
Only a good 250 units in Bundesliga, Cup and Champions League — together, not each — do not witness to an important role. Because Bobby barely comes to the train at RB Leipzig and that for the Saxons is more of a disadvantage, both parties strive for a lending for winter break. The contract closed in the summer is still running until 2025. What first reported the image can confirm good information: a loan return to ex-Club Ajax Amsterdam is on, the last modalities are still negotiated. However, that the deal goes over the stage should only be a matter of time. After defeat against Bielefeld, the 19-year-old attacker who did not shoot a goal in 14 missions for RB, but prepared three goals, already adopted by his teammates.

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