Crowfall was taken over long is already in new hands

Not so long ago I wrote to you that I can wait for the end of Crow fall soon. Suggested documents suggesting an imminent closed project, which Kickstarter conquered. His story is extremely bumpy, although the ambitiousness of the concept itself can not be refused. However, something along the way went wrong, the premiere moved several times, many functions of the game were changed for the last minute, and as a result it came out — Prime Minister Crow fall did not shake the long market.

Therefore, it would therefore be possible that the imminent closure of servers is obvious, and here is a surprise! Art craft, or the team responsible for Crow fall, announced the sale of its project. It was bought by an independent monumental developer. What’s more, the transmission of the whole game is already taking place! Typically, this process continues, the corresponding date is determined, and the community is to prepare properly. In this case, however, it is otherwise, Crow fall passed into the hands of a new company instantly.

As if it were not enough, Monumental also acquired a team of Art craft developers. They did not buy the entire studio, but only employees responsible for maintaining and developing this long. Art craft announced that he would remain a studio of India, and now he will take care of the new project. Monumental, in turn, declared that it will try to develop the wings.

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It remains to keep your fingers crossed so that Crow fall does not drop under the rain. Monumental has no rich portfolio and is famous mainly from small mobile games as Dungeon, Little Alchemist, or Storm Wars. They also took a quite recently misheard. Who knows can better deal with the newly acquired long-IEM than his creator? Everything is possible.

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