Christmas tree transportation without a hip

In the romanizing retrospective, the Christmas tree has once been made by his own hands before being pulled by deep snow to the homely lit house. Nowadays, you walk at best through the short-term forest of the Christmas tree dealer, the object makes his choice in a net and then load it into or on the car.

heavy bullet

Quite simply? Not necessarily. Like any cargo in vehicles, a Christmas tree has to be stowed traffic safely, says Frank Schneider, expert for vehicle technology at the TUV Association. Because with a full braking or an evasive maneuver, the tree can fly the vehicle occupants with indispensable force around the ears. The ADAC prefers that a 30 kilogram of heavy tree developed in the event of a 50 km / h impact on the 750 kilo bullet. And even for other road users, it is fatal when the green cargo triggers from the car and crashes on the road. The Christmas tree should be adequately secured against slipping, falling, rounding down and ruling or falling down, Tubman Schneider is guessing.

Three meter supernatant allowed

Where in the car drive fir or spruce but best with? First, the trunk offers. It makes sense to throw a testing view of the luggage compartment at home and create the measuring tape. So there is no evil surprises at the dealer. The question of how far a cargo in general and the Christmas tree may protrude in particular over the vehicle rear, the road traffic regulations — little surprisingly — with clear rules: remains the driving distance under 100 kilometers (which will probably be the rule) are generous three meters supernatant Allowed, another distance is covered, may only be 1.5 meters. Already from a meter excess length is a red flag or a red shield of at least 30 x 30 centimeters size duty, in the dark must be a red warmth.

Findings threaten

Anyone who violates the labeling requirement is asked to pay for 20 euros fine. 25 euros can cost if the tree is not properly secured — ideally with tension straps and possibly taste hooks. If there is a threat to others or even a property damage, 60 to 75 euros and a Flensburg point are due. Also, automotive license plates, headlights, taillights and turn signals may not be obscured by the freight.

If the tailgate is no longer close above the tree, it should be fixed so that it does not open it completely. Invited to the car, the tree is best with the trunk forward, taking care that he does not move between the front seats wide or rests on the fitting carrier and thus hinder the driver or the driver.

Packed on the roof

If the Christmas tree does not fit into the trunk, he has to go to the roof. For this, however, a roof rack is required. The loading direction in turn follows the principle trunk forward, tip backward, after all, the festive jewelry should not be disheveled and arrive with canceled branches in the living room. For attachment, robust straps are suitable. Rubber-banded or cords holding the load was not reliable.

To protect the roof or interior from needles, resin or wooden splinters, a blanket or foil can be packed under the tree. And if even the car roof prior to the size of the Christmas tree, only one trailer remains. Trapping through the snow home — that’s finally yesterday.

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