Walter in front of the duel with Schalke Are convinced by us

Tim Laszlo Walter (born 8 November 1975) is a German football train, that coaches Hamburger SV.

No, as a finger for 2022 Tim Walter will not value the outcome of the top game. Rather, he sees the duel as a valuable development step: We need such games that we battle with the best teams and are looking forward to the game.

Before it goes into the short breather, in which down coming and completely switching off is very important for his protégés, it was on Saturday (20.30 clock, live! At Tim) to go out again, Walter said at the press conference on Thursday. The 46-year-old can also resort to Bakery Jetta, who has been back on the training place after illness today.

We are convinced of us, know about our strength and have a plan.

I was a guard in Mr. Beast’s SQUID GAME…

Tim Walter

Against the royal blue, which stands pointed out due to the worse goal difference behind the hamburgers, Walter is optimistic in the game: We are convinced of us, knowledge about our strength and have a plan, said the HSV coach. Of his protégés, Walter demands mainly consequence of the ball as well as attention at Schalke standards and switching moments.

Walter satisfied with the progress

After completing the first round, Walter also moved a short intermediate conclusion. Personally, he only found positive approaches, the club, his workplace, the city on the water fell very well. And also with the athletic balance — regardless of the fact that there is always improvement potential — he was satisfied: We have driven the development, with 17 goals the best defense. We are very active in the defense and attack. He makes consistent work with his coaching staff, and he sees that the team gradually improved and follow him. Here you have a common conviction, which is particularly important to him.

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