Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl Player can become metahuman through NFT in the game

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Darkness of Chernobyl (mostly called only for a brief stalker) is a video game from the Ukrainian programmer GSC Game World, which plays in the obstructing zone around the nuclear reactor Chernobyl. The history of the 1986 reactor catastrophe takes its development in the game by a recovered occasion; a restored explosion and the establishment of a blocking zone in which abnormalities emerge.
The game belongs to the genre of the vanity shooter, yet additionally has role-playing components. It was revealed in 2001, but only in March 2007 — as among the master-waiting titles of the game background. The Tale is inspired by the Roman Picnic at the Rand of Arcade as well as Boris Strugazki, which was recorded in 1979 under the title Stalker of Andrei Murkowski.
In mid-August 2010, GSC Game World announced, 2012 an extension under the name S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 to be released. The advancements were paused in April 2012 and have been returning to since 2018. The arranged publication day for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl is the 28th of April 2022.

GSC Game World joins the trend of NFT and will also integrate the technology in Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl.

The developer uses the blockchain technology and allows a player to become part of Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl.

In a NFT auction, which takes place in January 2022, interested parties can win a place as NPC and are the first Petaluma integrated into the game. Until a certain date, the place after the auction can also be resold.

The winner is scanned on site at the developer in high resolution, as CEO Evenly Grygorovych opposite the Verge:

STALKER 2 Gets NFTs and People Are Not Happy

The idea of ​​the associated NFT is to give the right to restore the identity of his owner in the game through one of the NPCs. The person must come to our studio for a detailed scanning process, and then we have everything to make this person appear in the game world as one of the characters.

The developer plans another NFT’s for Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl. What kind of these will be, but you did not want to reveal. However, NFTs should neither influence the gameplay nor advantages to other players.

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