Storms Minnesota Wild are located Golden Knights

To deeply the third was the game in Las Vegas on the knife cutting edge. Marcus Folio had balanced for the guests in the 42nd minute to 4: 4. After that, the events went back and forth before an overburden situation gave the rash in favor of the households. Mark Stone met in the Overplay of Golden Knights to 5: 4 (45.). Against the Wild urging on the compensation, Alex Pietrangelo made the lid in the final minute with a shot in the empty gate.

Minnesota’s victory train by the NHL is stopped for the time being. After November 24, the team had won the German Nico Storm, which remained spotless in gambling paradise at twelve minutes spotless, eight games in series. Now there was the second game loss after the defeat in Los Angeles.

Marcus Foligno vs Nicolas Hague fight Minnesota wild vs Vegas Golden Knights (2021 NHL)
Nevertheless, the game continues to lead the Central Division with 39 points, followed by the Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues (both 35). The Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals have now collected over more counter (all 40).

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