New gameplay trailer for Trek to Yomi

The new trailer for Trek to Yogi shows how you best assert you in the monochrome adventure against opponents.

Leonard Merchant, Flying Wild Hog and Publisher Revolver Digital has released a new gameplay trailer ZUCK TO YOGI, which shows what it matters in the game. Blinds drab will lead to success in the rarest cases. Instead, patience and timing are asked to defeat opponents. Although the fighting and the associated annihilation of a villain is one of the central topics of Trek to Yogi, the combat system reminds a bit of the defensive martial artist Aikido. So you have to use the power of the opponent against him and bring him out of balance to then perform a deadly attack.

This technique is primarily suitable for melee combat, but in Trek to Yogi, many other enemies, such as spear damper, archers and even creatures, who otherwise actually occur only in folks. So gets the game, which is located in the feudal Japan, another mystical component.

Trek to Yomi - Official Announcement Trailer | Devolver Digital
Trek to Yogi appears in the spring 2022 for the PC, the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X / S and the Xbox One. In addition, the game is available from day 1 at the Game Pass.

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