Ps5 pro Sony patent with double processor and cloud gaming

The Opera brand name represents an item variety of smart devices as well as tablets from Sony (or Sony Mobile after the dissolution of Sony Ericsson).

Actually, it always said about the current console generation, it does not need to upgrade in the middle of your life cycle. While the PS4 and the Xbox One were still on the market with obvious bottlenecks (keyword Teardrops), the PS5 and Xbox Series X are so well-equipped that they can still keep up with mid-range PCs in a few years. Now, however, there is evidence that at least Sony plans a console upgrade.

Patent could indicate PS5 Pro

Sony has requested a new patent and expanded an existing patent in the same train. The document was submitted by the PlayStation architect Mark CERN personally.

The patent divided by ZIBO TECH on Twitter looks complex at first glance, but could include some interesting implications (via dual stools).

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PS5 Pro: If the patent should be implemented, would probably come out a console that the PS5 is far superior. So you would definitely have to talk about an upgrade. Among other things, two APES are shown. This double processor architecture should make efficient scaling possible. That would not be a pure increase in performance, but a whole new operation. Therefore, the question arises how such a console should exist together with the current PS5.


Downward compatibility: Another important aspect of the patent is an integral with the hardware cloud-gaming function. This could have to deal with Sony’s future plans for their games’ library, since an already existing downward compatibility patent has received a corresponding update. In connection with the alleged merger of PS Plus and PS Now, which also to offer games for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP, is quite possible.

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How likely is a PS5?

If it goes purely for the computing power, Sony will hardly publish a new console in a few years. The PS5 is well-prepared as I said, and Sony must first ensure a continuous supply of your current model. If a PS5 Pro comes, then only if you make completely new features possible. A pure streaming console would be conceivable, for example. Ultimately, a patent is just an idea — whether it is implemented, is in the stars.

Would you welcome a PS5 PRO? And how should this look?

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