Valkyrie Entertainment study who collaborated in Halo Infinite adds to the family of PlayStation Studios

PlayStation Studios has just confirmed the purchase of Valkyrie Entertainment, Studio based in Seattle, which has participated in numerous important projects within the industry. Hallo Infinite, Valorant, God of War and League of Legends, are just some names where Valkyrie collaborated. Founded in 2002, this company has a lot of experience in titles of various genres.

The study will make invaluable contributions to key franchises of Slipstream Studios Herman Hurst Confirmation became public thanks to Herman Hurst, leader of PlayStation Studios. The study will make invaluable contributions towards key franchises of PlayStation Studios, Hurst mentioned on social networks.

Halo Infinite CAMPAÑA PlayStation Studios ADQUIERE Valkyrie Entertainment gamefox

Within the official site of Valkyrie Entertainment, the study is defined as an independent developer who has worked since 2002, with publishers and other world-class companies. This company has more than a decade of experience in the video game industry, and is passionate about quality and intelligent work, according to your own words.

PlayStation Studios continues to acquire one study after another. This year, this developer house acquired House marque, creators of Return, and also to Team As obi, Castro Bot responsible. According to Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, these exclusive studies are necessary to show the potential of PS5.

While Sony affirms that the exclusive PS5 will be the most solid to date, Microsoft does not plan to stay behind, because your purchase of Bethesda guaranteed the exclusivity of the great projects of this study, such as the anticipated Star field.

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