2021 Blizzard s 3 piece game newline on the finals

[A News 24) Blizzard Entertainment announced on the 10th that the first final entry team was decided by the Newline Give in this weekend final,

Another finish team will be decided by the independent escape team and ‘Annual Chicken Steam Team’ on this day. The 3 · 4th Phase is scheduled for 11 days and the final finals will be held for 12 days, respectively, and each game begins at 5 pm.

‘Blizzard’s 3-piece game’ is a popular game that represents Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch, Houston and Star Craft: Li master.

Inside Blizzard's Bill

The first day of the 2021 Blizzard Iron (ASUS DOG), which is a title sponsor, is the first day of the 2021 Blizzard Iron, a newline, cranks, and a Newline, crank, and massacre,, Unto, this teacher, Bohemia, and the ‘resurrection team like the’ dog ‘,

As the 3-piece game is not a victory, not a victory, not a victory, a lot of points, the bigger match, the bigger game, the bigger match, the bigger game.

In the Houston game, which was conducted in the order of the prefecture, the battlefield, In the first round, Into New Yuan and Enforce win 2: 1 at the end of the engagement, and in the second round, the monster, BYU Jean, this teacher, the black field, the runner, The team brings a total of 3 points. But in the third round, he won the Gun Fisher to 2: 0, and the newline gives the team to take two points and followed the resurrection team.

Then, in overwatch games that have been conducted for six-to-six free competition, the newline gave me more points than the resurrection team. Give a newline in the round and second rounds, the team has been the active power of Runner and the massacre, and a two-win winner. But in the last round, the resurrection team of the resurrection team led the team to victory by the rheum or of the resurrection team, and the newline gave the team’s three consecutive wins.

Star Craft: A newline in the remaster game also followed by a team with a newline. One set of liners won by the runner, and the newline has brought 2 points to the newline. In the 2-set team, the foreman and this teacher win the massacre and the victory in the MOH New, and the resurrection team has been winning two points, as he won in BYU John Dunn in four sets. At the end of the tightening game, the iron shortcuts victory in the fourth set of five-to-fourteen-sets, and eventually the team advanced to the finals.

The Best Player (MVP) of the 4th Street (MVP) is a Has stone, Overwatch, and Star Craft: To remaster was a good idea to have a good appearance in all games, and the BenQ Moby Monitor was injured. The iron intercourse said, I feel good because I can make a role as the eldest brother of the team, he said.

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