New World Fusion of servers is a reality after several delays

In this article, we are not talking about server mergers in a particular region, since at the moment none of them is scheduled by New World’s development teams. The point of speaking here is that the players know that the Amazon MMO is improving by offering several server mergers, either in Europe or America, and who knows, maybe there is someone in our country on these servers, so the information could be of your interest.

New World Server Transfers Delayed, This is a Problem
What are the next servers that will merge in New World?

According to the information disclosed by Touch, on December 10 at 12 o’clock in the morning Spanish time, the servers Europeans Ishtar, Metal, Glitter, Kalevala, Zu-Vendis and Phaeacian will be merged at drop Side. Then, on the servers South Americans, Tuna, Saga, Rush and Fatal will be merged at Really at the same time. As for the merger that I should have taken place a few days ago, the Mari and Brittney servers merged yesterday at 10 o’clock in the morning. Spanish.

What are the changes to remember with the merger of servers?

Each server affected by the merger will have a small banner that will allow players to know that fusion approaches. Logically, the servers mentioned just before will be closed to proceed with this merger. Players fall Disc, Really and Brittney will only see a large influx of players, but the population of other servers will have changes that are the following :

Loss of territories conquered for the guilds that reach the new server
Gain of 50,000 gold coins to compensate for the loss of the territory of these guilds.
Transfer tokens will not be distributed

The houses, the general progress of our character, storage, the company and many more will not be affected by this fusion of servers. Thanks to the various tests, you do not have to regret any concern, but you will have to wait to see the progress of these server mergers before singing Victoria. In addition, it is a possibility that the servers in each region are not the objectives at the moment, since in case of concern we will not see each other affected and the developers will have taken a step forward to avoid any problem in the future.

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