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The year 2022 holds such a few magical surprises for Harry Potter fans ready: Already on the first of January, the old movie stars, how Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Print and Emma Watson turn on the occasion of the 20th anniversary for a special the streaming service HBO back and from the 7 . April then attracts the next movie from the series Fantastic animals magic trees on all over the world into the lighting houses.

Even for the hot-long video game Hogwarts Legacy, the chances seem to be good that players can immerse themselves in the adventure around the Spell School next year. But what would be real festivities when Harry Potter fans did not have something to build?

Harry Potter magic case: With Lego direction Hogwarts

Whether you just go to the holiday trip or the journey from track 9 3/4 right to the magic academy Hogwarts itself is: The Lego Harry Potter magic case is a faithful companion by the most important utensils for Stay a magical journey.

With this: Accessories around the different films or books, such as the speaking hat, travel proving in the form of Bertie Boats beans in every flavor and the famous-notorious map of the Roman driver.

Not only the inner values ​​count

At least as exciting as the filling is also the outer optics of the suitcase. You can make them free according to your wishes and have different parts available, depending on which the four houses of Hogwarts feels belonging to you. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin are all with them.

The suitcase consists of around 600 parts, amounts to 59.99 euros and is from the 1 . March 2022 available. The set is already suitable for children from 8 years, yet adult fans are likely to have their pleasure with the handy Harry Potter suitcase.

Anyone who can do nothing with the magical franchise and would like to assemble Super Mario in posters form should take a look at the new sets around Luigi’s Mansion.

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