Formula 2 Enzo Fittipaldi is better after horror accident

The 20-year-old Brazilian recovers in the hospital of the consequences of the worst accident in the junior mark on Sunday in Saudi Arabia. He suffered a break in the right heel, but fortunately he is much better than we all expected, his brother Pietro Fittipaldi tweeted. Enzo is awake and rest in King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Edda. Already at the late Sunday evening Theo Purchased (France) had already given all-clear.

Formula -2, Two drivers rushed to hospital after horror Saudi Arabia GP crash | F2 Jeddah

Previously, it had come immediately after the start of the main race in Formula 2 to the serious accident. Purchased remained with its kind, several drivers could avoid marriage Fitting Fitipaldi (Charon) at high speed at Purchases Heck. The race in Saudi Arabia was interrupted immediately after the accident.

Dot equality in Formula 1

The Formula 1 race in Edda won Lewis Hamilton and thus caused for point equality with max stages in front of the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

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