Guide to the Sonnenaschekrater Cache

So you invite just in Sun ashes, and you need a little help with Crater. No problem! As a training ground solar Ash Crater will get you to destroy your first abnormalities, your first cache to find and defeat your first boss. Let’s get going matter how you cleared the crater in the solar Ash.

If you have not yet dipped into solar Ash, you know that you will miss something. Solar ash heart machine and Annapurna Interactive’s latest game. It is a 3D action-adventure platformer, reminiscent of many other games, but completely and uniquely his own thing. If you need after defeating the crater help with something else Solar Ash, refer to our instructions on how to collect all the caches in each level or as you collect plasma and use.

How to destroy anomalies in solar ash

Crater you learn the basic gameplay. Once you have CD enabled, you can scan your environment for abnormalities. These anomalies must be destroyed in order to clean the landscape and giving the remnant, the boss. There are three anomalies in the Crater, each a different test bed for your different abilities: Boost, Black Sicker climbs and Grapple.

As you approach an anomaly, a large, needle-like thing appears. This is your multitool, which marks the weak points of the anomaly. Once you have made the first, you need to follow a line that leads to the next, until you finally hit the eye. This segment is timed, but a failure has no effect.

To find the cache at the crater in the solar Ash

Caches in solar Ash are messages left by previous Roadrunners. In the crater there only to discover one. Each level has several, and to find them, look for a blue beacon and a Void runner seal. Once all caches were collected in an area, you’ll unlock a suit free.

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The cache on the crater can be easily found by rotating around the base of the Star seed and looks outside. The cache will be on a hill near in sight. To get there, climb the hill and need to run a reinforced skate jump to cross the gap. Once you have it, turn rice suit free, the Tempest’s Adagio. The bonus you get from this is a shortened decay time of Time slips, which is extremely useful for bosses.

How to defeat crater Ouroboros in sun ashes

Once all anomalies are defeated, the giant dragon-like remnant is awakened. Similar to the elimination of anomalies the bosses in solar Ash will be three increasingly difficult, time-based attacks, in which you climb the remnant and attack his weaknesses. As you approach the tail of the crater Ouroboros, you can keep fighting. This time attack is launched.

Try to avoid falling into the black mud of the creature as this will slow you down. Use your boost to get quickly to the vulnerability. Even if it does not work with normal vulnerability indicators, you should use your time slip capability when you need extra time or have only one gripping point. When final assault on not to touch the black mud, because you are met by, and you fall down. As soon as the remnant is defeated, you’ll unlock the next level free.

Sonnensche is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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