BVB Watzke defends Bellingham Jew has insulted nobody but describe a fact

Borussia Dortmund’s Managing Director Hans-Joachim Wake has defended Jude Bellingham after his verbal attack on referee Felix Player. He does not fear any consequences for the 18-year-old.

His sentence is not wrong, even if he does not have to tell him. But that is also due to the emotionality that one has to admit an 18-year-old, Wake said to the Kicker.

According to the game, BVB had been heavily upset after the game over the game-screeching trade meter against Mats Hummels, the Robert Lewandowski turned to 3: 2 final score. Bellingham found in the Norwegian TV station Via play Football clear words: What do you expect if you are using a referee who was already involved in game manipulations, the largest game in Germany?

Thus, Bellingham played on the big betting scandal around Robert Holder Anna 2005, in which Player was involved and then blocked for six months. According to information of the picture, the DFB Control Committee has already determined due to the statements, even a criminal complaint of referee observer Marco Haas had been set. The Control Committee will review the statement of the Dortmund er Spieled Jude Bellingham to its sports-related relevance, said the chairman Anton trainer the side.

Wake does not believe that the statements will have consequences for Bellingham. The young Englishman had not insulted anyone, but a fact, I can not imagine that there are any disadvantages from it.

Khan over Bellingham: Great step too far

Also sports director Michael Zorn stood behind Bellingham. The boy is 18, speaks of a heated, emotional game. He calls ancient facts, you do not have to do that. He is just a hot spur, he said to the side and pushed themselves: The things are now in the world, but now We are there to him. Criminal law I do not see anything problematic.

Bayern Munich’s Board Boss Oliver Khan sees that a little different. I’m the last one who has no understanding for players. There are also things that you say afterwards. Only, of course that’s a step too far. A huge step, saying Khan at SKY90 : I can not remember That some player has already given something in style. I do not know where he got that, as he comes to the idea of ​​making such a statement.

BVB: Wake criticizes referee Player

Wake also practiced criticism of Players performance. He has not shown his best performance, he said, and also regained the autocratic nature of the referee in explaining his decisions after the game.

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In addition to the Hummel’s scene, a duel of Lucas Hernandez had taken care of Marco Reus in the Munich penalty area for discussion fabric. Player said, That’s inaccurate, since it only given contact in the upper body area, and he rated this, explained Wake. However, on the TV images, clearly to recognize that there was also a clear contact below.

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