Streamer explains why YouTube for Stars as she is better than Twitch

For Rachel Valkyrie Hofstadter (29) YouTube is the only option for larger streamer. She itself has changed from Twitch to the competitor and was thereby named the largest gaming streamer in the world. Hofstadter calls above all a reason why YouTube is the only right choice for stars.

YouTube has been promoting larger Streamer from Twitch. The streamer Moistcr1tikal said: You will scare when you see who next to Twitch changes to YouTube.

There will probably be a few more influencers, the twitch should turn their backs.

Ludwig LEAVES TWITCH For YouTube,

Recently huge gaming personalities like Timthatman or Dr disrespect from Twitch to YouTube. Valkyrie was also part of the game and now explains why that was a good decision.

Streamer er Valkyrie is completely behind YouTube

Hofstadter was so well known on Twitch through the shooter Fortnite. When she moved to YouTube, it was first crisp on her channel — the great success remained. But with Among US, she started properly and became the largest gaming streamer in the world.

But what is Valkyrie appreciated to YouTube? Love. Hofstadter feels true by YouTube and taken seriously.

The platform give her a kind of representation that would never offer Twitch. YouTube wanted to treat her well and work with her, so farmstetters.

I feel valuable on YouTube. They give me feeling to be important. That’s not really the case on Twitch. They have so many people at Deals that you do not get the feeling.


Although the change had not been easy, and she was worried to convey the impression that farmstetters leaves their community on Twitch — those who had helped them to achieve such ranges at all.

However, the change has been worth it for Valkyrie. YouTube probably not only works hand in hand with her, but she seems to be perfect. However, money does not conduct them as an example of the change to YouTube. Hofstadter always emphasizes just how much she is valued by YouTube, and she’s worried about her — that’s the main reason why stars could become happier to YouTube.

Your former Twitch colleague Ludwig has also decided to leave the Amazon Livestream platform and switch to YouTube. He mentions similar reasons like Valkyrie.

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