Valve is performing great investments in virtual reality both on devices and games

The virtual reality has finally settled in the market, Oculus Quest 2 selling millions of units, Sony preparing their new generation of PlayStation VR and Valve demonstrating with Half-Life: Alex to what extent can it guarantee great experiences of video game this technology. But this is only a tip of what is to come. Thus, Gabe Newell guarantees large investments to advance in this field.

In my opinion, the brain-computer interfaces are going to be totally breaking, the most disruptive technological change we will spend. For this reason, I consider it a sector with a lot of courage, by which we are making great investments both in new viewers and video games, but we also look to the future, and we ask ourselves, What will be your evolution?, Exposed Steam’s creator a few months ago in New Zealand, in a talk now pick up by Road to VR.

In this way, we can wait in the coming months and years the disembarkation of new proposals that lead the signature of Valve. Recall that the company pretty successful also Valve Index, its own commitment to virtual reality hardware. Meanwhile, we recommend you take a look at the analysis of Half-Life: Alex by Alexander Pascal for 3D games that said like this: It is one of the most innovative works I have enjoyed in a long time.

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On the other hand, Valve is now also focused on the launch of Steam Deck, a portable hardware capable of executing an immense catalog of PC games. Its launch was set for this month of December, but finally it was delayed.

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