The New War announces the release date of December

People are waiting for the continuation of the main story of Warframe for many years now? Of course, Digital Extremes has published a huge amount of parallel content, but nothing beats an extension to a plot that has kept Warframe fans hanging during the 9 years of the game. And now they do not expect. The New War, the highly anticipated extension of Warframe, should go out on all platforms on December 15th.

But the update does not only offer an extension of the plot for Warframe veteran players. A popular mount receives premium treatment, and a brand-new mount will see the light of day.

This new frame is called Caliban, and it is articulated around the type of enemy sent in the subsequent stages of Warframe. His capabilities have already been revealed: Caliban can imitate the rotating attack of the path, to invoke up to three allied paths and draw many lasers.

Warframe - The New War Confirmed December!
Caliban’s liabilities may be the most interesting of all. If you have already fought patients, you will know how resistant they are. This is because they acquire adaptive resistance to any type of damage you use against them, forcing you to change things. Caliban’s liabilities essentially gives this ability to your team.

The newly prepared Harrow frame comes with all the usual bells and whistles for newly out premiums. The capabilities will be improved, and it will get a new elegant and gilded design. Some weapons will obtain versions initiated alongside Harrow, including the plague.

The new war has been tasted since 2018 and promises to be the biggest narrative extension of Warframe… to date. On the basis of what we soap so far, history will tilt you between different perspectives — including enemy factions — and takes place on a massive structure in three acts. It is an ambitious project, it is certain, and fortunately, we will see soon if he has borne fruit.

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