Sons of the Forest confirms his delay with a trailer that reveals the new release date

sons of the forest is one of those games that, a couple of years ago, surprised us with your ad at The Game Awards 2019, publishing a trailer that invited us again to face the kind of horror we already met in the First title, with improved survival elements, new history and with all the experience that End night Games has won in these years.

The title was scheduled for 2021, but finally it will not come in the thirty days left ahead. This announced it a couple of months ago where, via Twitter, they let us see new captures of the developing project that you can see below:

We knew the delay but not the new release date What we did not know was the new release date, which has been confirmed on Tuesday through a video that you can see at the top of the news. Thus, Sons of the Forest will arrive at May 20, 2022, which gives the study a lot more margin than originally planned to reach the premiere and more polished product.

SONS OF THE FOREST RELEASE DATE  | Trailer Reaction And Breakdown

Little more we know about The Forest’s sequel, although this one did not seem remarkable at the time, with a personality and an island full of cannibals and possibilities to enjoy the experience, either alone or accompanied by friends. If you like this type of approaches, in 3DGames we propose six survival games that you should have under the radar.

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