I have a museum in Jeju Island because my computer liked it but Corona made it

Q. Ohyounguk: The etymology of the name Zero One knows that comes from Zero One was a EU City Union High School Computer Club. Can you hear the story at the time prior to the start?

Early PCs at the National Museum of Computing

a. Fungi current governing early 90s seems were 5-6 people in the computer who is 60 people in a van. But every school computer labs were all, in a circle around the computer room was the club’s activities. That converge to the Chairman of each circle computer schools, socialize, did cause the need for union because do not want to tell you just play nice exhibition. That it did was united circle named one zero.

The scale yen move each school’re too small. There were some 10 people not only have 20 people, small There, 100 people went beyond Did a half dozen schools merge. The atmosphere at the time when it became such Athletic Association chapter that can interact with other students. When many think it went up to 200-300 people. To initially start with 4-5 schools also increased gradually woken school.

I am of four groups, to the extent that come down after the 20th 10 years ago was gone. Long time ago, the computer became a focal point. That’s because the newspaper the water. Since it was a little special feeling that the computer did a lot of activities, such as graphics part, it sounds the part around the computer. Now it is only important coding machine itself, I guess it does not matter. It did have become like home appliances. Then I broke rattling naturally.

What is missing, each school computer circles eopeotjyo outside the Union can be eliminated. I did not know whether missing. High rider is something I know about the top one or two riders down, I did not know whether gate uni University in Seoul (circle) disappears. Issued by companies falling so getting down to EU Striking is not known jyeotdago juniors.

Q. How did you start the computer museum?

A. claim upstream the island. Came down after working in an IT company receives the EU issued, proposed the museum in ICT (among internal business IPO) companies. But while promotion became poorly. So communication became a museum, except IT. Originally I made the Corporation prior to the open. Zero Corporation as one. Because individuals have attempted to continue receiving the investment it is difficult to make the museum I know I’m good.

So I squeezed the size of a business plan, such as VR corner, coding education sent to the Suspended VC investments declined. Except that he tried to code education, learning to subtract, interior cash, and the remaining core was the exhibition. That was the maximum that can be in retirement. I wanted to come out flat land of 400 Chinese in progress there, and I try to be within the limit of retirement became reduced in size.

(Zero one opened in the city of EU in 2018 through this process)

Q. I want to particularly proud of this part of the collection.

A. There’s a thought that if computers come equipped museum is the card puncher.

There is no personal memories, it is a card puncher who I think is historically the most significant. I’ve been out before I open Korea did not have to see where this device. Two weeks ago a middle-aged lady ohsyeotneunde with her family, to see me ohsyeoteoyo devices. She downed you like it vocational yisyeotda he punched in the punched cards in the late 1970s. When students are working with FORTRAN, etc. He did what he did to the punch working with the machine turning on the computer.

That February heard the story using the card puncher 60 to the 70s that the foreign currency business. Open after large executive-minutes gave tell the story of the machine state, the work that I have worked in the company of IBM Korea founder previously established in placing the tens vs Oh equipment by a ‘drilling can (or cloth Park) United States It had to be sent by punching the data on a punched card at. Did was the first IT services.

Personally (as a showpiece want to boast) Sounds like things like the lanes IBM PC110 Canon 200LS.

Q. Zero One is now closing. Having too sad, I want to hear the story.

A. too, because the visitors reduced the corona 19.

In fact, the idea to run for 10 years here, borrowed a kindergarten building. I was a 10-year contract to lease, you know, in the last year because of the corona it was closed the entire Tokyo Museum from February to September. National and public operating in the country or operate on the island is a museum was closed, private counsel has got to be closed.

This was the first year promotional period, did the Corona popped the car Dun spectators increased gradually. I followed the Hasbro Florida’s closed right jyeotdago sees almost forgotten. Bonnie is currently operating only resources, but we just could not afford because I manage a café and manage a museum that produce such merchandise. Yes giving guests will find the Museum of joggers haejusiji aside understand that. So Leopoldo bound to be compared to.

If you came to around 20 museums in a day I have a calculation that can be operated, were both calculated dogeared because Corona. Last prayed guests 0 people for six months, look weigh the cumulative period did not result in people 20 visitors a month. In the case of EU, I’d pay the rent on an annual basis. Continue to endure they did not have a good to rent situation in the last year has been notified landlord asked leave to December.

Haeteotneunde promised my wife and museums in severance pay limit is the limit now did I have the floor. Even if you can hurry to raise money and then, if the situation continues like now, the future is difficult to hear the idea. We did need six months to deploy releasing the exhibits, it is necessary to consider at least one month before the computer out before the eviction was to operate until November 30th.

Q. Hasyeotneundeyo that you have zero idea to donate a collection

A. I’ve done what’s right and what worries received a call to the landlord walks in the yard the next day’s dinner. The computer now but I collected Did not gonna state of war?

That’s to the vaults. Hone am the island there are something like a warehouse. I also put it paved the way to pick up a computer vaults. But I have personally flown all the computers in the middle of a lifelong dream, museums, and is pushing the company collapsed, why geotyiji spiral would try yourself?

Corona somehow anyway’ve tried three years now I will not have another chance when folded. To sorry even family. Put up in the warehouse looked like a machine that will never see the light again. If I piled up like If the mark on the box did not because once you enter Kevin out again.

I thought this computer is better to be on display somewhere in the public interest aspects. As well as those computers, regardless of the destination, etc. goseojeok and personally gather the artifacts are able to think such thoughts. At some point’m a point beyond the personal realm. Although it owned by individuals, which fits only to write something personal. So many people run the museum Do you do that and also donated to the National Museum?

So I heard this idea before I should hear a different museum collections. I hear stories that closing the museum to come in touch in many places. If possible, I’m trying to give priority to national and public likely to be higher than private schools. I think that we yieoteumyeon where the exhibition will be completely lead.

(or continent of dreams)

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