Sony PS5 Patent Recommends Official Faceplates May Be On The Way

Sony’s PS5 PC gaming console could soon have actually an added touch of customization en route, as the firm has been provided a patent for a new set of face plates. Detected by Attack, the patent is entitled Cover for Electronic Device and also information an ornamental style for a cover for an electronic device, with layouts of the PS5 face plates being made use of for illustrator functions.

It deserves to keep in mind that the patent doesn’t straight-out describe substitute face plates or perhaps skins that can be twisted around them, but it does reveal that some type of personalization might be imminent if Sony determines to follow up on this paper.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has introduced personalized face plates to a PlayStation either, as the initial PS4 model included its own option of little face plates that covered the leading portion of the console.

Formally, the PS5 has yet to include any style besides the default white face plate that it introduced with. Unofficially, there are third-party choices available, yet these business have run afoul of Sony as well as have actually been struck with stop and also desist orders.

Two significant instances were CMP Shells– which drew in the Sony’s lawful rage in 2020– as well as Brand, which used a choice of Dark plates for $50. Promptly prominent when they introduced, Brand dared the console maker to sue them as well as quickly received a fresh legal threat from Sony’s lawyers, prompting the cheeky customized face plate business to close down all Dark plate manufacturing and replace them with the more distinct Dark plate 2.0 shells.

While the market isn’t flush with alternate choices for tailoring a PS5, the silver lining below is that thanks to the face plates being quickly removable, personalizing your own PS5 is still quickly achievable if you have a container of spray paint accessible. This will most likely nullify the guarantee on your console, if you’re prepared to take that risk for a touch of video gaming individuality.

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