Ottogi Gymiz Cup Rost Arc Collaboro achieved 1 million sales

[Data provided: Smile Gate]

Roast arc and Otto collaboration products in two months of the Otto Collaboration Products ‘Gym Cup Dealers’ Save 85,000 As a collaboration effect, the sales volume of existing products is also increased over double

The ‘Audit Event’ and Donate Campaign to commemorate sales breakdown of sales ‘Kokomo Sharing Box’ scheduled

The Representative MMORPG of the Smile Gate RPG (Representative Assistance) MMORPG is the Gym Cup, and since the launch of the ‘Gym Cup Dealer Rise’ through Collaboration with Otto, I had exceeded 26 days (Fri).

Lost arc and Cottage were the Gym Cup and <Roast Arc of the Gym Cup and <Most Arc of Otto, Gym Cup Dealers and of Otto. I have been formatted through the store.

Since the first week of launching with the hot popularity of Most Arc, the sales volume, such as the Otto official mall and some convenience stores, and the sales volume is large, and the product is a significant increase in sales volume in two months. In particular, the sales volume of ‘Gym Cup Hitler’, which is popular while collaboration products are popular and has increased more than doubled, and the total sales volume of the ‘Gym Cup’ products exceeded 1 million.

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In addition, ▲ Games Cup dealers, ▲ Kokomo Sticker, ▲ Kokomo Martial, ▲ Ga moms Cup Lost arc chopsticks, and the Gym Cup Lost Arc Package, which is made up of Games Cup Lost arc chopsticks, is also sold out for both 1st and secondary launches. I certified her hot popularity again for the arc.

In addition, November 24, the ‘Gym Cup X Kokomo Super Set’, which was conducted through Never Shopping Live, recorded a cumulative viewer for more than 62,000 cumulative viewers for 1 hour and climbed to the number of the channel real-time viewers.

Smile Gate RPG is a gratitude event that celebrates 200,000 Gyms Cup sales volume to exceed 1 million gyms cup sales volume to exceed 1 million gyms cup sales volume, and Goodies, Please pay.

Meanwhile, the sale of the ‘Gym Cup Package’ is the Most Arc to Roast Arc, which is constantly conducting this year, Friends ‘Monks Sharing Box’ is scheduled to be used in the Donation campaign.

The ‘Kokomo Sharing Box’ is driven with the various groceries of Otto, and it is delivered with a warm heart with the welfare facilities that need the help of society.

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