Mass Effect Amazon works on series to the remote Sci Fi

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition has ensured that the iconic SCI-Fi trilogy around Commander Shepard was again on everyone’s lips and probably produced many new fans of the Bioware RPGs. Ideal conditions for a film adaptation of the games. That’s probably just thinking about Amazon — because in an article by Deadline About the success of new Amazon series hides huge information: Amazon is shortly before to complete a deal for a mass effect series.

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Amazon works on many great series implementations

That would fit perfectly with Amazon’s series plans. Because the huge company seems to have licked blood when it comes to the filming of large brands — the series at The wheel of time has only recently celebrated its premiere and the fantasy series in the master of the rings Universe awaits us in 2022. A Sci-Fi story like Mass Effect definitely ensures variety. An Amazon series based on the fallout RPGs should also be in progress. The many aliens in Mass Effect should be a neat makeup and / or CGI effort for a series. Source: Bioware RPGS

That’s why there was no movie to Mass Effect

Only in June 2021 had the Game Director of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Buy Now €34.99) stressed, Why did not make anything from the plans for a movie in the Mass Effect Universe. It felt like we fight against the brand all the time. Which story do we want to tell in 90 to 120 minutes? Will we just meet the game? It also stressed that a TV series the right one Way for a mass effect story is because the games themselves tell their stories in part in episode format.

Game films are the big racer

If you look around in the TV landscape, it becomes clear: Gaming series are here, and you do not disappear so fast. Netflix alone shines with productions such as Castlemaine, Data: Dragon’s Blood and Recently Arcane, the series to League of Legends. Meanwhile, Paramount + plans for a translation of Halo, while HBO has snapped the last of us.

Are you looking forward to the idea of ​​a Mass Effect series? Is Amazon the right provider for this? Track us your opinion in the comments!

Mass Effect Amazon Prime TV Show: Do You Want IT?
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