Erzgebirge Aue President Helge Leonhardt demands Football

Due to the rapidly rising infection numbers and the tightened corona measures, President Hedge Leonard demands an interruption of the season in professional football from the Soccer Second division of Erzgebirge AUE.

We need a football lockdown until the end of December. The next four weeks are extremely difficult for our country and make us a tearing sample, Leonard said the picture.

In such a tense situation, the football should meet his rule role and restore the game of play for reasons of reason, solidarity and model effect immediately, he demanded, That would be my wish and my request to the DFL and the prime ministers of the countries. In the Erzgebirgskreis in Saxony, the infection numbers are particularly high.

Leonard sees a distortion of competition, because in Saxony no viewers are admitted to the professional infection numbers in the coming weeks. In Bavaria, a maximum of 25 percent of stadium capacity may be utilized.

On the other hand, the stadiums in other regions are sold out in part. This is not a fair competition anymore and ensures the clubs that have to play from empty ranks, as well as new economic difficulties, said the AUE boss.

FCE - Präsident Helge Leonhardt zur Personalentscheidung Pavel Dotchev

His proposal is: By the end of December, the ball rests, can be trained under the 3G rule anyway. From January, the game operation should then be continued, the games will then be made up in several English weeks. But not against empty ranks, but uniformly again With fans. The fans belong to the football.

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