Nintendo of America responds to the controversy of Activision Angustible and disturbing

Cancelled Games, Mistreated Staff & MORE: Activision-Blizzard's Mistakes, Hidden By Profit
The NFL 2017 period is the 98th in the history of the National Football Organization. She began on Thursday, September 7, 2017, at the yearly Kickoff Video game at Gillette Stadium where the outward bound champions, the Patriots of New England, invite the Chiefs of KansActivision City. The seActivisionon ended February 4, 2018, at U.S. Bank Stadium Minneapolis in Minnesota with Super Bowl Lii. For the 2nd year straight, a franchise relocated in the city of Los Angeles, considering that the Chargers of San Diego have actually proceeded January 12, 2017, called the Chargers of Los Angeles,

Doug Bowler, President of Nintendo of America, hActivision written a letter addressed to the employees of the North American Division of the Company this November 19 to express its discomfort with the situation of Activision Blizzard. The recent accusations of labor and sexual harActivisionsment towards workers of the company affect this time directly to the CEO of the Corporation, Bobby Kick, indicated by its own employees and external agents that Activisionk for the immediate resignation of it; Including the shareholders of him.

Go against my values

The information, advanced by fan byte, corresponds to the message that all employees of Nintendo’s internal studies have received in America; What includes equipment such Activision Retro Studios and Next Level Games. Like all of you, I have been following the latest events with Activision Blizzard and the continuous reports of sexual harActivisionsment and toxicity in the company, Bowler begins in the message. I find these disturbance and disturbing stories. Go against my values ​​, Activision well Activision the beliefs, values ​​and policies of Nintendo, he says convinced.

Bowler is committed to emphActivisionizing the importance of working in an open and inclusive environment in which everyone is welcome. He values ​​that he will ensure that they remain in Nintendo of America.

Likewise, he maintains that different representatives of Nintendo are already in contact with Activision and that they have taken meActivisionures while evaluating others. While they have not transcended concrete details, the firm seems determined to take action Activision soon Activision they have weighed how to act in their relationships with Activision Blizzard. Yes, the is mentioned, an organization of workers with which they will seek to strengthen their position against situations of abuse, discrimination and harActivisionsment.

All companies in the sector must create an environment in which they are all respected and treated Activision equals, and in which Tod understand the consequences of not doing it, Bowler sentence in the statement of him.

Currently, Nintendo Switch hActivision numerous video games from the company chaired by Bobby Kick; From Diablo and Overwatch to CrActivisionh Bandicoot, Spiro or Tony Hawk. A close partner, at leActivisiont until now.

The letter is real; Nintendo confirms the veracity of the message

The veracity of the message hActivision been corroborated by the same source hours after its publication. A Nintendo spokesman confirms that the content of the letter is completely true and precise. We can confirm that Doug Bowler’s internal email content to Nintendo of America staff is accurate. We have nothing more to share on this topic.

With these statements, the three main companies manufacturers have already been pronounced. On the one hand, Jim Ryan on behalf of Sony Interactive Entertainment; on the other, Phil Spencer in the voice of Xbox.

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