How to get the dilapidated arboretum key in Dead Cells The Bad Seed

Cells Dead contains many routes, and if you fail, you start again and borrow a brand-new path. These paths are full of enemies and traps, inviting you to bring your best reflexes to survive. Cells Dead has received many free LCS since arriving at Steam in advance access in 2017. The new DLC, The Bad Seed, gives players access to two new locations, and to access the Arboretum, you need the key to the dilapidated arboretum.

Because all levels of deaths, go through procedural generation, not everyone will find the dilapidated arboretum key in the same place. However, you can find it exceptionally early. You can find it in the district of prisoners where you appear for the first time in the game.

Dead Cells | The Dilapidated Arboretum - Walkthrough Guide
You will not be able to meet The Bad Seed DLC without first finding the round of teleportation and the vine rune. The vine rune allows you to create a vine from the ground to access a new level. The teleportation rune allows you to teleport yourself using the sarcophagus. When you are telexing at the next level in the prisoner district, you should see a skeleton covered with grass, always dressed in a red and blue uniform, with a nearby fork. Interact with the skeleton, and you should find the key, as well as the outfit of the royal gardener.

There are plenty of new contents to explore in The bad seeds for dead tells, with a new boss called Mother Tick.

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