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Genghis Khan (c. 1158– August 18, 1227), born Remain, was the founder as well as first Great Khan (Emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which came to be the largest contiguous realm in background after his fatality. He concerned power by uniting numerous of the nomadic people of Northeast Asia, and, after being proclaimed the global ruler of the Mongols, or Genghis Khan, he launched the Mongol intrusions, which inevitably dominated the majority of Eurasia, reaching as far west as Poland and also as far south as Egypt. His major projects consist of those versus the Sara Whitey, Khwarizmi, and the Western Xia and Jin dynasties, and raids right into medieval Georgia, the Kiev an Rus, and Volga Bulgaria.
Genghis Khan and also his realm have a fearful online reputation in neighborhood backgrounds. Lots of Middle Ages historians and also contemporary chroniclers explain Genghis Khans conquests as wholesale damage on an extraordinary scale, creating great market modifications as well as an extreme decrease of population as a result of mass exterminations and scarcity. A traditional quote quantities to about four million civilians (whereas other figures range from forty to sixty million) that lost their lives therefore of Genghis Khans military campaigns. In comparison, Buddhist Uyghurs of the kingdom of Echo, who voluntarily left the Sara Whitey realm to end up being Mongol vassals, watched him as a liberator. Genghis Khan was likewise represented favorably by very early Renaissance resources out of regard for the great spread of society, modern technology as well as ideas under the Mongol Empire. By the end of the Great Khans life, the Mongol Realm inhabited a significant section of Central Asia and China. Due to his extraordinary armed forces successes, Genghis Khan is often thought about to be one of the best conquerors of all time. Beyond his army accomplishments, Genghis Khan likewise progressed the Mongol Empire in various other ways. He decided the fostering of the Uyghur manuscript as the Mongol Empires creating system. He also practiced meritocracy as well as urged spiritual resistance in the Mongol Empire, unifying the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia. Contemporary Mongolians regard him as the starting father of Mongolia. He is likewise credited with bringing the Silk Roadway under one natural political setting. This brought reasonably easy interaction as well as trade between Northeast Asia, Muslim Southwest Asia, and Christian Europe, broadening the social horizons of all three locations.

Inc. Inc. is currently a new event in the Launched Mintaka RPG Sang Girls [Thanksgiving! OUR warlords are a large amount of reprint! Informed of being held.

Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, HTTPS: // is currently a new event in the Launched Mintaka RPG Sang Girls [Thanksgiving! OUR warlords are a large amount of reprint! ] Are being held. We will introduce new events that various warlords and rewards can be earned for a limited time, such as OUR 貂, You and round.

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Event Overview

We are holding a limited event that can be acquired by his OUR warlord 貂 瑜 and You of the highest rank. Besides, it is a fun and advantageous events that can be obtained by various warlords and luxury items.

Event period

November 17, 2021 (Wed) 0: 00-2021, 2021 (Tuesday) 23:59

OUR warlords at thanks festival!

A Thanksgiving Event is held in Sang Girls! At Thanksgiving events, a strong his OUR warlords will be reprinted at a time!

What you can get

● Choose beauty 貂 that can be counted as one of the four major beauties, the goodness of the Three Kingdoms You to keep the three-kingdom the strongest names Miss Meiji Major General Carrot ● Cao of Key and KOH Bible of Sakai, Grandson Page who reigned as the primary emperor of Sakai

4 of the

Dont miss a super chance that can earn rare his OUR warlords!

Romance of three kingdoms short scenarioตอนที่5



OUR Country

OUR Grandson Right

To get such OUR warlords…

Win a companion who can rely on various events!

In various events held during the period, various luxurious rewards can be earned in addition to OUR warlords such as 貂 You round and grandson right ! Please try to challenge!

Warlord roulette

Holding period: November 17, 202 (Wed) 0: 00-2021 November 23 (Tuesday, Holiday) 23:59

Warlord roulette can earn OUR ROOF and its fragments! In addition, various luxury items including Warlord Awakening Mary can be obtained, and UR 貂 破 can be earned according to the number of times you turned! Large chance of achievement of the strong power!

A limited lottery ticket required for lottery can also be obtained from a mysterious merchant or purchased from a mysterious merchant, if the limited lottery ticket needs to achieve the consumption condition of the designated item during the event period!

※ The contents of the image may differ from the actual reward. Specifically, please check the game.

Lucky Geisha

Holding period: November 20, 2021 (Sat) 0:00-2021 (Fri) 23:59

Lucky Geisha can be acquired OUR grandchild ! OUR Sun sons Chips, and Life and Pearls and luxury items such as Life, Pres chief are available, and UR Cans chips and Rough can also be won according to the number of lots. Good luck!

※ The contents of the image may differ from the actual reward. Specifically, please check the game.

Ten maiden Must

Holding period: November 24, 202 (Wed) 0:00-2021 November 30 (Tuesday) 23:59

In Tennis Must released for a limited time, OUR 貂 and OUR round can be acquired! Furthermore, since various rare items such as 17-stage equipment design illustration box can also be acquired, lets try here!

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※ The contents of the image may differ from the actual reward. Specifically, please check the game.

Besides, there are plenty of great events and fun events during the period!

We look forward to your participation from your heart.

In a new registration campaign, get a luxury benefits including UR and SSR characters!

Now there are new limited benefits for 15 days! While getting various luxurious benefits including UR Yoga and SSR Mojo, lets aim for the unification of Guru.

Legal three Kingdoms RPG Sang Girls…?

Everyone who appears is a cute girl! Automatically defeat the enemy, and you will be strong in Landon. Of course, even while working, while sleeping… If you notice it, level up!

Official PV

Well, a journey of the Tenney Unification with the Hawaii Warlords begins!

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If online games In-game JP

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