Tencent Gets Minority Stake In Yooka

Tencent has acquired a minority stake in Platonic, the developer behind Yooka-Laylee as well as its 2D sequel, Yooka-Laylee as well as the Impossible Lair.

This information comes by means of Platonic, which revealed the news in an article made today. The studio claims it will keep full creative control over its IP and will use Tencent s financial investment financing to range from its existing structure to a bigger one.

Platonic… will utilize the financial investment to range from their current one group structure to numerous teams, with a focus on working with varied talent from near and afar, enhancing their HQ, along with wanting to broaden in brand-new areas, Platonic s post reads.

Platonic owner Gavin Cost says Tencent s financial investment will assist the workshop scale-up and fast-track the super-exciting, super-secret jobs we have actually been maintaining close to our prize chests. The expansion of the studio has currently started, also, with Platonic working with Danny Spite, formerly of Raw Fierceness as well as Group 17, as its new Head of Posting.

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