Shin Goddess Tensei V and Hudora can not be defeated What should I do Mitama Six points of the early stage you want to hold

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The latest work Shin, Goddess Tense V of the popular RPG series has reached the other day. Many people have already sent the day to fight the devil on the stage.

On the other hand, some people go out for adventure and someone who has a Gypsies game. There are also cases where you miss a little point.

So this time, pick-up the main point of the Eudora match that would be the element and the first wall that you want to hold in the early stage! Please offer an early stage capture.

■ Unexpectedly overlooked? First, let s check the option

There is a difference by the user, but it takes a corresponding time to clear. As long as you play for a long time, the play environment is one of the important points. First, it is recommended to set up your own environment with the option settings.

In particular, let s set up speed of message and camera operation, and cut off unnecessary stress and edge. If you use the Auto Battle, if you do not Check for Auto Battle, the battle tempo will rise. However, be careful about the incorrect operation.

In addition, the tempo is improved to be always to shorten the skill production, but it may feel that it is not enough. If you want to see the production, invalid and people who want to change depending on your mood will adjust according to your preference, such as making A button.

■ Use Preston Battle which holds the key to victory!

The number of times you can act during battle is displayed as the icon displayed in the upper right. The initial value at the start of the battle is the same as the number of people in the party, so only one main character is only one. In the case of the main character and the three corpses, it is possible to act four times.

Then, if the opponent s weakness is imposed or a critical hit occurs, the number of times the number of times of action is increased once. If you are aware of the attacking attacks with the enemy attributes, you will be able to act up to eight times, and the risk of destroying the enemy will be destroyed as it is. This is the feature of Preston Battle.

What you want to be conscious of this Preston Battle is prepared for each attribute attack. If you are a party that biased the attack attribute, it will be quite advantageous for a specific enemy, but since the field has a variety of devils, it is not recommended that the power is low.

Some people will think that it will be okay to fight only with the devil with a specific weak point attribute!, And one of the strategy is not a mistake. However, it is possible to eat unexpected unexpected unexpected devil, but there are also few cases where enemy parties are mixed.

Even if there is no explosive thermal power, it is recommended that the kind of attribute attack of allies have a certain extent that the width can be made stably. But there is no way to bias attribute attacks or no matter how it is. It is a case to fight a boss-class enemy.

If you align the boss s weakness, adjust the protagonist to photographer or attack items, the weaknesses can be attacked each time the order is turned, and it can be attacked up to 8 times in the same turn Can be done. Once you fight against the boss and look at the weaknesses, record the data, read the strength and remove the strength, and try again.

By the way, there is a hand to take a hand to recovery in the action of increasing and increasing the weaknesses. For example, if the main character placed at the beginning is a weakness of the enemy, if there is no mistake, the order of the protagonist will be turned around again in the same turn. At this time, recovery (magical item) is made to compatible with attacks and recovery.

Although the effective options change depending on the situation, it is one of the most important standing to use the number of acts that has increased. Not only recovery but also auxiliary items, guard and solidify the defense, etc. will extend considerably. After the enemy uses Magatuhiskill, you first do a weak point, and guard it with the number of actions increasing to end the turn.

In addition, using skills with the first action (such as an increase in power in the next attack), using the number of actions that has increased other communities, the charge attack is repeated at the second time of the same turn. Usage is also ant. If you carry the turn of the charged turn, there is a risk that you will cancel the action in the state abnormal system, so it is ideal if you finish attack in the same turn.

In particular, the boss battle is likely to be an endurance, so please try it with a free idea that can only squeeze the number of actions you have increased.

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