FCN coach Robert Klau Do not worry about a negative run

No, an influence on their own preparation would not have been the events at Tannhauser, which could not complete the guest match at St. Pauli on November 7th, which was last ARE Corona-baked. The Corona situation at the VS is not relevant to us. The way you play football will not have changed, Klaus said at the press conference on Thursday. As far as he is informed, all players were available at the opponent.

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The 36-year-old expects the hard forest an opponent, the very purposeful and over the outside with a lot of dynamics games as well as passionately defended and little spaces. Whether in the defense or in attack, for his team it applied as with every game, to find solutions. The fact that Tannhauser would probably act rather from aware of the attitude, one has set a focus in training and also practiced at the test match against Attach (2: 0) above all the approach against a low-standing opponent, Klaus said.

A luxury problem is Kraus

Die PK mit Robert Klauß im Re-Live | SV Sandhausen - 1. FC Nürnberg
Taylor Human had made aware of the Austrians as double goalkeepers. Does the 24-year-old midfielder put his coach a luxury problem after the half positions are actually occupied by Linus Tengelmann and Tom Kraus? Better than the other way about, smiled at Klaus, who despite his comment, it can also play all three games, not to look into the setup cards.

Safe seems that the Johannes Gas, Christopher Schindler, and probably also Kraus, who has survived his corona in feet without symptoms. The trio is important for the structure, as Klaus.

Ran to the performance limit

Concern before a negative run, the FAN coach has last two defeats at all. Rather, one must be better than in Darmstadt and Bremen and Ran to the performance limit. Whether we have won or lost before: If we bring our top performance in Tannhauser, the probability is great that we win there. And that s the goal of course.

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