Wonder followers stunned by Andrew Garfield and also Tobey Maguire s No other way Home no

Spider-Man: No Means Home currently has a full-length trailer– however it s still missing two key components.

Andrew Garfield as well as Today Maguire are nowhere to be seen in the new trailer, although there are appearances from previous villains : Alfred Molina s DocBook, Jamie Foxx s Electron, Sandman, Reptile, and Green Goblin can all be detected.

Wonder fans were– as you can visualize– stunned and also let down by this turn of occasions, as many were persuaded that this trailer was ultimately hosting likely to confirm the long-rumored participation of past Peter Parkers in the movie. Others remain convinced, though.

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Garfield, obviously, continues to be determined that he s not in the film. I m not in [Spider-Man: No Other Way House], he said in an interview on The Today Program that broadcast pre-trailer launch. I enjoy Spider-Man, I constantly have. I was so pleased to have played the part. I m so fired up to see what they finish with the third one.

However, an alternating trailer may suggest or else — the Brazilian version of the brand-new trailer shows Reptile apparently being punched by an unnoticeable pressure. Could Garfield or Maguire s Spider-Man have been edited out? Some people definitely think so.

Do not be depressing guys, its Marvel specialized to erase individuals from trailers, totally eliminated Sylvie in Loki s trailer, stated one Twitter customer, attaching screenshots as evidence.

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The only method to make sure whether Garfield and also Maguire remains in Spider-Man: No Other Way Home is to wait up until it turns onto the cinema on December 15 in the UK as well as December 17 in the United States. In the meantime, make sure you re up-to-date with the MCU multiverse with our overview to Wonder Stage 4.

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