Nintendo fans cover Bowsers biggest fears

Have you ever wondered what VideoLAN villains are afraid of? In the case of Bowler, Super Mario s decades of archenemy, the truth came to light — and she is just as strange as funny.

Bowler is afraid of clowns and nipples

A Twitter account for interesting Nintendo facts digs out a crazy finding from 2017. In the colorful 3D platformer Super Mario Odyssey, Bowler lets you look through its true feelings and admits that he fears in front of Mario — or more specifically, some many costumes in the game.

Depending on which outfit you will appear to the final fight against the giant turtle, his dialogue changes. While he makes Mario in the wedding dress or in the Bowler costume compliments, he shakes at the sight of these six looks:

If you are one of these outfits, Bowler says:

BOWSER'S FURY 100% UITGESPEELD !!! | Bowser's Fury #11

Are you trying to meet me with this… Totally scary costume? Well, it did not work, ok?! And D-you are not invited!

The arms try to work despite his stuttering, continuing Staff and Digstoneflößend — which obviously does not work completely.

While the zombie, skeleton and clown costumes make sense, however, the rest of the looks shown raises some questions: Why is Bowler fears in front of a upper body-free Mario? or a golden? Does the Korea king have a nipple phobia? Does the gold symbolize Mario s decades-long triumph about him and therefore lets him become uncertain?

Bowler s reactions to the different outfits in the game are generally worth gold. The following YouTube video shows all its dialogues:

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In response to the Super Mario-64 costume, Bowler says, for example, that the look does it known, but he no longer knew where. In the comments on the video Shovelfighter12 writes dry:

I would want to forget the first time I was done in 3D.


Super Mario Odyssey is considered one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch. Of which you might prefer to keep away from staying away, you will learn in our picture line to switch badgers of the players:

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