F1 motors have delay

Sebastian Vettel could get a new Formula 1 team boss at Aston Martin. Mercedes Pilot Lewis Hamilton is bordering against a legend. Conversation fabric from the paddock in Interlagos.

Raikkonen and the two Schumacher generations

Mick Schumacher seemed took. What he meant to have shared with Mimi Raikkonen the Formula 1 asphalt, the 22-year-old Haas pilot was asked. Finally, Raikkonen, which stops at the end of this year, was already driving against his father Michael. First quiet. It was a great pleasure to drive against him, Mick Schumacher said full of respect, but he could hardly fight against the Alfa Romeo pilot on the track against the Alfa Romeo pilot. You remember my father in everything, Raikkonen said.

Leaves Vettel s team boss Aston Martin?

Omar Seafarer made contact with Sebastian Vettel for Aston Martin. He also led the first talks to win the Germans for the British team this season. I m very clear with him, said Vettel, who had to leave Ferrari. He was very important. However, his team boss Seafarer stands according to media reports before changing to Alpine. There, the 57-year-old is supposed to replace Director Divide Trivia, which probably wants to go back to the MotoGP again. Aston Martin and Alpine did not comment on the rumors, Seafarer, in turn, is on Friday talking partners at the official press conference of team bosses.

Farewell to a legend on two wheels

Motorcycle Legend Valentino Rossi denies his last race this weekend in Valencia. This does not leave Lewis Hamilton cold, which took place a few years ago on the MotoGP-Yamaha of Italian s place and turned some laps on only two wheels. Everything he did was incredible, Hamilton said over the now 42-year-old. Above all, his passion impressed him. Hamilton Situated Rossi also as a legend. And McLaren driver Land Norris, who writes himself with the MotoGP pilot, said, I ll miss him.

Small sin

Daniel Riccardo loves Brigadiers, these small chocolate balls typical in Brazil. As the McLaren driver told himself, he once served on the birthday celebration of the former Brazilian Formula 1 pilot Felipe Massey this dessert served by his wife Rafaela. I really liked her and eating many of them, Riccardo acknowledged. Before this Grand Prix weekend, he now got a big box full of Brigadiers given by the Masses. It was beautiful, the Australian Riccardo swarmed.

Delivery difficulties in Formula 1

What hiring an ex-McLaren boss means for Aston Martin's F1 masterplan
The weather was to blame. Therefore, aviators late after the last Grand Prix of Mexico with Formula 1 cargo for Brazil. Still on Thursday waited on the course at Interlagos teams on engines and other components. The guys have to work until late at night, that s the only thing they can do, said Mick Schumacher Haas team boss Gunther Steiner. The World Federation of Motorsports extended an extra period to allow racing teams were allowed longer screws allowed as actually. Thus, the end of the Grand Prix weekend should be backed up.

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