Between Trees Construction Guide

Entire the trees is a survival game that tries to leave the modern world and, literally, move to a cabin in the forest. You have the task of building a new home for yourself where you can create items to help survive in the forest. In fact, you will find that adding rooms to your cabin is especially important, as it is the only way to get access to important functions such as crafts.

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Main cabin | Between trees

The main cab is where you start in the game, and it is very easy to restore since all the items you need to repair it are lying on the surrounding floor. Once you restore your cabin, you have the option to build, and you will be given three types of rooms to build:

Craft room
Kitchen room

You must concentrate on unlocking the expansions of the room in order below, since each expansion will make your game much easier.

Rapid Council: You can choose to save the list of construction materials in your HUD interacting with the rooms, which facilitates the recognition of the necessary supplies.

Keep in mind that each room becomes a bit more complicated to build and that the rooms as the garden will require advanced craft supplies to complete. It is better to slowly gather the materials for the back room while looking for food and explores the world that surrounds it.

craft hall | Between trees

The first room you want to build is the craft room. This is an essential part of the creation of tools and, without it, it is likely that it does not progress much in the game. The craft room is used to build elements such as axes and creates the necessary items to build in the rest of the rooms in its cabinet.

12 fir planks
3 steel wire
2 Stump Moss

Kitchen Room | Between trees

The kitchen should be your next stop on your building s checklist. While you can eat raw food while you play, you will not fill your hungry meter as much as they do when the kitchens. In addition, cooking certain foods will even make them not poisonous. However, to use the stove, you must keep it with sticks.

12 fir planks
4 screws
3 Floating wood

Storage penthouse | Between trees

Manual Construction Techniques - Building Concrete Kitchen Cooking Table
When you build your cabin, you will receive a small storage chest automatically, but it can not contain many items. To solve this problem, you can build an attic that gives you more space to store your food and construction supplies. This becomes especially important as it creates more and more materials as space becomes valuable.

28 fir planks
2 steel wire
4 nails

Garden | Between trees

The garden will be available once you have built the kitchen. This room allows you to grow food, but you must collect seeds of garbage piles and closed boxes to start. In addition, you must also create a shower to cultivate plants successfully.

24 fir planks
3 steel plates
1 glue

Beer processing room | Between trees

This is another late game room that you can use to make potions. These infusions can help you stay awake longer, keep you warm and even help you run more time. This is another feature that will be more useful once you get a little more in the game.

36 fir planks
8 Hoof Fungi
12 stems of dog killing

Sewing room | Between trees

The sewing room will be available once the attic built. This gives you the possibility of making larger backpacks, so you can bring more items from your trip. If you do not mind having to eat raw foods, you can try to open the sewing room before the kitchen.

24 fir planks
3 metal plates
1 glue

Updating your cabin is essential to progress on your trip inside Entire the trees We hope this construction guide will help you!

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