FIFA 22 Totw Team of week 8 from November 10 to 17 2021

Neymar jr. Jonathan Claus s, João Cancel, Iago Slaps or skunk round one of the best teams since the launch of the game.

Under the classic 4-3-3 formation, the new tow 8 GRIME average assets really generous: except three exceptions, the initial eleven does not fall from 86 and that most players come from the More recurrent leagues gives them an extra versatility when it comes to integrating them into our equipment.

In any case, the ways to make you with any of the 23 Form cards of the team of the week 8 are the usual ones: Open envelopes crossing the fingers until November 17 and, thereafter, through Wild speculation in the transfer market.

In assessment We have gathered the 11 cards in form of the initial 11, so that you can see in detail their respective attribute details. Having said what: many eyes with the rhythm and dwelling capacity of Neymar Jr s new Tow.

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Neymar Jr. (EI) with rating 92

IAGO SPAS (DC) with rating 86

SKUNK (DC) with rating 86

Sergi DARKER (MC) with assessment 82

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Gretzky (MC) with rating 88

Luis Alberto (MC) with rating 86

Lacuna (Li) with assessment 86

Houma (DFC) with rating 84

João Cancel (Li) with assessment 87

Claus s (CAD) with rating 84

Summer (POR) with assessment 86

The 23 cards of the team of week 8, including alternates and reservations

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