Capcom GFWL title such as Street Fighter X Tekken pauses STeam Sales

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Cap com announced that it will temporarily stop selling Games for Windows Live for sale at Steam.

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Ryu/Chun-Li VS Jin Kazama/Xiaoyu - Street Fighter X Tekken (PC) Gameplay
Games for Windows Live is an online gaming service for PCs used by Microsoft, and is also known as a system that is often aware of the released title from the launch. On October 13, the PC version Fallout 3 has been a topic that Games for Windows Live has been deleted in the latest update.

Street Fighter X Taken Lost Planet 2 Biohazard Operation Raccoon City (2 works other than Street Fighter X Taken can not access store pages from domestic According to the contents published on the STEAM store of the same function corresponding title such as), there are many inquiries such as the game can not start. Therefore, it is noted that it will temporarily stop selling, and the period is considered to be until we conduct internal surveys.

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