The trip from Akiba infernal and debriefed examination

Overall, the quality of the video games continued to improve from almost all the parameters, whether it is history, characters, mechanics or graphics. Of course, there are sometimes very publicly fake, but the vast majority of console and PC titles are at least competent and quite often, amazing one way or another. Then there are games like Akita s trip: Hell bound & Debriefed, which was quite awful in 2011 when he appeared for the first time under the name of Akita s Trip 2, awful when he came out on PS4 under the name From Akita s Trip: UNDEAD AND UNDRESSED, and now it s just an inexcusable, marginally improved reissue for PlayStation 4 (playable on PS5) and PC.

As a chain of real words, the premise of this RPG seems almost strangely seductive, even if it totally ignores contemporary cultural standards and standards. A vampire legion called Synthesizers has invaded the shopping district of Akihabara to Tokyo. Your character is a teenager — who was bitten by a strange girl, became a sinister himself — recruited against his will in a vampire fighter. The thing here is that instead of stinging the vampires at Buffy, you fight the synth esters by stripping them of their clothes and exposing them to the sun. You give punches, kicks and blows on their clothes until they are sufficiently damaged to fall, leaving the maps in their underwear, exposed to the deadlines of 2011, the warming of the sun pre-global. And the night then, or inside? Stop, foolish, you put too many questions.

If the premise makes you think of Well, it s just quite twisted to be cool, let me make sure that this is not the case. The constant dam of scary doubles (there are two in the only title) and sexist images were quite offensive in 2011, and it is even more scary today. Anyone who could expect an element of eroticism of the vanity of history, or a fun wedding humor (or a convincing fight) will be deeply disappointed.

I know there are fans of this game there, but for my life, I do not understand why. It is not intelligent or done well and whatever the shock value it could have been used in 2011 has been fully transformed into scary.

I do not know what is worse, the graphics or the fight of Hell bound and Debriefed. An HD train accident is always an unhappy disaster, so all the improvements of frame rate or slight visual upgrades have been overshadowed by the ugliness and the primitive of the graphics of the game of the PS3 era not only compared to contemporary standards but to those of a decade ago. Has the Akihabara district been convincingly rendered? Of course, if your idea of ​​the famous neighborhood is one of the blurred buildings and streets of the city populated from static citizens identified not by their name but by their function, like boy wearing a shirt and sale. I think that even though the indulgent goal of nostalgia and a penchant for anime style RPG, Hell bound and Debriefed seem simply bad, always fuzzy and lacking details.

If there is a domain — and it is a real section — in which Hell bound and Debriefed has at least one meaning, it is in the mechanics of its fight and its ability to use random objects, whether it is chopsticks or electric guitars, like weapons.. Different objects of everyday life and clothes improve health or defense and, although the action is functional, it is millions of kilometers of the reward or pleasure, with little precision and no real feeling of weight behind any action. You can romance some of your colleagues Vampire hunters, provided you can stop scrolling the horrible dialogue and juvenile humor long enough to enter these options. Most RPGs have a consistent rise to increased complexity and challenge, but Hell bound and Debriefed avoids this traditional mechanics in favor of a fight that never really changes significantly. While we talk about mechanics, mention that we must store his weapon to heal and that it is quite possible to die in the first ten minutes and (fortunately) to end up at the end of the party. It should be a cheat code.

AKIBA'S TRIP: Hellbound and Debriefed - Asking Mido To Strip To Show Her Measurements

I can not imagine someone so desperately looking for content that he would find value in this ten-yearly improved game. Akita s trip: Hell bound & Debriefed is and has always been horrible and no Remaster HD will correct his terrible story, his dull fights, his primitive graphics and his scary tone. Some games are broken or bad in a fun way, but Akita s trip: Hell bound & Debriefed is not broken, it s just bad and definitely, aggressively not fun at all.

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