Forgeted Shipment Cod Vanguard has the better map the house

Shortly after release of Call of Duty: Vanguard is clear which maps the user community likes. A highlight: the house. Mango tells you three reasons why the new map The house is better than Cod classics such Shipment.

Whether Shipment, Dome, Nuke town, Rust or Hijacked: The smallest maps from Call of Duty history are among the most popular in the community. These maps promise the most rapid action in multiplayer. And in any game mode.

The house is the latest map that to come to this list. It is also equal to one of the best maps of the franchise. Now that the house has its own 24/7-Playlist is clear to us: The house is better than Shipment — we ll show you three reasons.

Reason 1: The setting is exciting

If you sound familiar, the structure of the house, there is a reason: The map is in fact a shoddy replica of the White House, the Presidential Palace of the United States.

Why is this special? In very few shooters real places be used as a template for multiplayer maps. Even more so not so famous places like the White House. Shipment contrast, only consists of a collection of containers.

The setting is an interesting Nuke town: Nuke town was a replica of something Allerweltlichem as a typical small town. However, the house is a replica of something that is known all over the world. This makes for an exciting and unique atmosphere in the match. In particular, if you know the story of the map.

How does The house in the story of Vanguard On the map are spread blueprints and targets which show: In the world of Cod Vanguard, the Nazis prepared for an invasion of Washington DC.

So the house is the place where the Nazis prepare their planned assault on the White House. If you look closely, also sees that is still under construction. Therefore, the walls are crumbling in many places, can use what players to their advantage.

Reason 2: Maximum Action by minimal design Map

All small maps in the history of Call of Duty have taken place on several levels:

In Shipment there is the container to which you can climb. Although you have so little cover, the enemy can surprise but from the position.

High oil tower in Rust, fought a strategically important position around which the entire server.
Dome has the balconies on the edge of the map.
The bedrooms on the first floor of the houses on Nuke town are a strong nest for Sniper.
The buildings on both sides of Hijacked each have 3 floors.

The house is the exception. Except for a small staircase a few steps, the map is completely flat.

What does the gameplay for? The house follows the proven and popular Three-lane map design of Call of Duty. But as the map consists of only one level, it drives the principles of design to the extreme. These principles are:

The maps have 3 primary paths — an open center and narrow, winding roads on the sides.
There are clearly defined lines of sight in which to be reckoned with opponents.
The map has several narrow passages, where the paths cross.

Because opponents can not switch to an upper or lower floor of the house are all firefights take place in these three paths.

How do I use them two my advantage? The best players in the house are those who can recognize on which side of the fight has largely shifted. Because if you have that information, you have many options:

If you join the fight, you can skim with grenades and machine-gun fire duration multi-kills.
You can with kill streak or Goliath enormous harm.
When you go to the fight out of the way, and you sneak up from the other direction, you can equally surprise several opponents. Here, you must not be afraid that you see a sniper from above.
Sniper can transfer several enemies at once with a targeted shot into a tight spot.

Reason 3: The map is chaotic by the minute

A new feature makes the dynamic map: A much advertised feature of Cod Vanguard were the destructible objects such as doors and walls. This innovation has not convinced most fans — and our survey shows.

But the house is perhaps the best proof that this feature has yet to exist. Thanks to the many crumbling walls the map with the course of time is that is always open. And therefore chaotic.

What will change the gameplay? All tactics that we have called for reason two, are much stronger through the broken doors and walls. Your counter as well.

To cite a few examples:

Ripped doors can not block grenades anymore.
Flanking players are available anymore.
Shot players can scurry around a corner and survive.
The fields of view are especially open and more prolonged for snipers.
Mission objects are harder to defend.

A match on a map like shipment plays the same, whether it s the first or last minute: the positions, the routes, the tactic does not change great.

So... EVERY MAP in VANGUARD May Have Leaked...
Depending on when and how players break up the walls from the house, the map plays rectilinear or chaotic.

By the way: Are you still thinking that shipment is better, then happy to be on the 17th of November. Because the Chaos Map also comes to Vanguard.

Small maps help when unlocking blinds and levels

Why are the small maps so popular? The smallest maps in Cod traditionally offer the most rapid action. The house is no exception — with every Combat Pacing. Since you can do so more kills per match than in other maps, you will also be livened for your account and your weapons.

So you not only have access to the many weapons in the game, you can also unlock the best essay in the game early, which is absurd for 3 weapons.

What about weapon blinds? Also the challenges for the weapon blinds that can be very difficult in this game are most easily on a map like the house. Just for the challenges, where you need multikills or many kills up close, the house is suitable.

That should take advantage of it. Especially now, where you can play with the playlist the house the map around the clock. These 3 beginner loadouts can help you.

How do you find the house? Can Shipment or Nuke town rang the water? And how do you find the other new maps from Vanguard? Let s know us in the comments.

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