Professional Overwatch dies at 20 years

The world of esports and the competitive scene is located in mourning after the sensitive death of Kim alarm kyeong-bo, professional player overwatch who lost his life to his 20-year-old. At the time of writing, you do not have details about the death of it, but several figures of the environment have already been pronounced.

Kyeong-Bo played for the team Philadelphia Fusion, who had recently announced that the player would return for the season of 2022. Via Twitter, the organization shared the following message:

We are devastated and destroyed by the news about the death of Kim Alarm Kyeong-Bo. Alarm was the heart and soul of our organization, and our prayers are with family and friends as we regret this tragic loss.

The Km and Fusion family request privacy during these incredibly difficult times.

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Kim Alarm Kyeong-Bo is dead, Philadelphia Fusion player – cause of death
Other members of the community also responded to this message with their own thoughts, all expressing their deepest condolence by the death of the player. Below you can check a video where he tests him.

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