Call of Duty Vanguard Automaton Best Class

The Automaton is a pretty unique assault rifle in Call of Duty: Vanguard. With its high fire rate, it can often feel more like an SMG. However, the best Automaton Vanguard class is still a force that needs to expect any distance.

To put it in a state in which it is one of the best Vanguard weapons, you need a certain combination of essays to give him the right boosts in the right places. Since the recoil is already very manageable, it is about giving the vending machine the damage numbers and the shooting speed to compete with other toppers, such as the very popular STG44 Vanguard class.

It is a very entertaining weapon, but with this class configuration, it is still strong enough to bring it to the top of the leaderboard. This is the best Automaton Vanguard PC player 24, which we have previously found for Vanguard Multiplayer, and it s certainly a monster.

Here is the Best Automata Vanguard Class for killing multiplayer mode.

Automata Vanguard Class

Snout: Return Booster
Barrel: Anastasia sniper
Optics: G16 2.5x
Share: Empress Britschword
underflow: Schnitzel front handle
Magazine: 6.5 mm Sakura 75 Round Drums
Ammunition type: extended
Rear handle: Stuff handle
Knowledge: Feat
Kit: excess

With increased ammunition capacity, story speed, damage and a rifle scope of average range to focus on your enemies, this automatic class setup is an absolute laser in Vanguard.

While their movement is a bit slower, and they are visible due to the lack of a silencer while shooting on the mini card, these disadvantages are not really disadvantageous in such a build. Lean back, look for a nice window or a head error and pick you up players from the distance.

If you used other AS, the feeling of the machine is somewhat getting used to. But if you have mastered it, it will feel brilliant.

The Anastasia sniper shaft ensures a good story rate, the Empress Broadsword improves its ADS times and avoids the loss of recoil control associated with some attachments, and the skill of the hand increases its refund speed with this cumbersome 75-shot Sakura magazine Board.

In our opinion, this is the currently the best automatic class in Vanguard. Fun in handling, deadly accurate and powerful at a distance. Outstanding. If you need to unlock some of these attachments, look at how you can quickly level your weapons in Vanguard.

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